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Mink lashes
2016-06-15 05:48:50

Our Mink Lashes are made from the softest and most natural looking Siberian mink fur.

The fur is collected from naturally shedding off minks.So it is totally cruelty free .

The fur will go the cleaning procession and the ultraviolet sterilization procession 

before they can be really used on finished products.

*Up to 25 times with careful care.
*Lightweight.They make you feel the false lashes grown on your own eyelid.
*Each fur has a natural beautiful tip.
*Each lash has a natural curve on the band ,just like your own eyelid shape.

You don’t have to carve the band like you do on the synthetic

Tips for application of mink fur lashes:

1.Please do NOT use fingers to pull the fur directly.It will pull fur off the band

and cause the lash damaged.
2.When you start to use the lashes,please use a tweezer to hold one end of

the band and peel the band off the tray gently.When you take off the lashes,

please use a tweezer to take one end *Up to 25 times with careful care of the

band and peel the lashes off the lid gently.and then,put the lash back to the

original tray or packaging.

3.Please do NOT use any mascara on the false lashes.You can use mascara


on your own lashes and then wear false lashes;