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Top Quality Horse fur lashes

With over 130 different styles,we offers the widest selection of authentic Mink Lashes available. By utilizing top grade of mink fur, our mink lashes are tipped and elegant, yet soft and subtle. We offer voluminous, lengthening, crisscross and durable mink fur lashes that is appropriate and essential for every occasion. Our real mink lashes are totally cruelty free, obtained by gently brushing live animals, without harming them. This gentle, meticulous procedure ensures that no animals are harmed during the entire harvesting process, while preserving the quality of the harvested fur. In addition, every single lash(es) are sterilized and hand assembled to ensure quality and durability. Get our wholesale price list: info@worldbeautywigs.com Tel#: +86-13687661739 Whats App: +86-13687661739 ; +86-15953294601

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Horse Hair Eyelashes-M16
Horse Hair Eyelashes-M15
Horse Hair Eyelashes-M14
Horse Hair Eyelashes-M13
Horse Hair Eyelashes-M12
Horse Hair Eyelashes-M11
Horse Hair Eyelashes-M10
Horse Hair Eyelashes-M10
Horse Hair Eyelashes-M09
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