Private Label Custom Packaging&Delivery

Private Label Custom Packaging&Delivery

Private label Packaging & Delivery
2015-05-02 18:06:55


Different Kinds of Package

Procedure of Private Label Packaging and Design


1. choose the box and tell us the box No. or email us the pic of box you like ;


2. choose the color # from pantone color chart ;


3. inform us the words and place you want to put on the packaging;


4. we will provide you initial design in same days, pls check if you have any to adjust ,we will change it right away; Untill you are satisfied the design;


5. we would forward the documentation to our printing facotry;


6. Due to the template cost, -65 is required for different styles sampling box;


7.Please allow us 7-14 working days for turnaround time


8.After finished the packaging, we will pack your lashes;



9.Dispatched on time;


Delivery and Express

2-5 days